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What is #MOMminiaturesPainter ?

We have created this hashtag with the intention of bringing the community together, sharing publications so that we can all see and comment on them.

Furthermore, if we like your publication and it meets certain requirements, we could use it as an official image of the product on our website!

Why are we doing this?

Since we are a small company we cannot afford the cost of having the entire catalog painted, so we offer to put your hashtag so that everyone can recognize your work.

What are the requirements? We list them.

  • Upload the publication with the hashtag #MOMminiaturesPainter.

  • Put the product reference.

  • That the thumbnail is not converted or contains external objects.

  • That the background is preferably white or of a light color.

Remember that despite this, we keep the decision to use your image or not, and we are looking forward to seeing that you are capable of creating, converting, or inventing with our products! we ourselves will be publishing and making challenges! we wait for you!

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