Please read the reservation conditions.

What should I consider?

Currently, the MOM Miniaturas catalog has many references, and they will increase over time. We are a small company, and for logistical reasons, we cannot produce all the references simultaneously, but we do it for times. Every month we dedicate it to make certain references, so that the miniatures available in our catalog can rotate.

Please note that this is a reservation. For web orders we have a shipping time between 5 and 15 days under normal conditions, although we usually send them as soon as possible. For reservations, the minimum shipping time is one month. It is possible that your order will be sent before, but since it is a reservation in which references are requested that we do not currently have available, we must make a mold, do the casting and package them, taking into account that the orders on the web are priority, since those orders contain references that we currently have in stock.

It is incompatible to combine orders made through the web and reservations. In other words, reservations cannot be added to orders placed. If you want to buy the products you can make an order or a reservation, but not combine them.



-Confirmation. We will respond to your initial email that we receive with the questionnaire to confirm your reservation and start working on it.


-Payment. Payment of the reservation will be made when the reservation is complete and will be made by Paypal. That "the reservation is complete" means that we have already entered in a box with your name all the references you reserved, and they are ready to be sent. At that time we will notify you with an email, and we will indicate the total to pay, including shipping costs


-Shipping costs. Our shipping costs are variable depending on the weight of the package, as are the orders placed on the web. Orders placed on the web and reservations have the same shipping rates.


-Shipping time. The minimum shipping time for a reservation is one month. It may be shipped before that time, but it may also take longer.


-Shipping notice. You will know that your order will be sent shortly when we write to you to make the payment. When we send your order, you will receive an email specifying the tracking number of your order and the place to check it.


-Returns and refunds. For returns and refunds of orders made through reservations, the same refund policies that our company has for web orders will apply. This means, if the order is shipped, and it is not possible to deliver it, and therefore it returns to our workshop, the amount of the purchased references will be refunded, but not the shipping.


-Special conditions: This reservation system will not be valid during events and extraordinary discounts such as temporary offers or Black Friday.



Can I know the status of my reservation?

You can find out the status of your reservation by writing to us at We will inform you of the status of your reservation and if you wish you can choose to send it as it is at that time. If this is the case, we will proceed to close your reservation and calculate the price and shipping costs to make the payment and send it as soon as possible.